Healthy Breakfast With These Boiled Egg Recipes

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Healthy Breakfast With These Boiled Egg Recipes   Foldable Silicone Electric Kettle

Healthy Breakfast With These Boiled Egg Recipes

Eggs are one of the most convenient and popular ingredients found stacked in almost every kitchen. You name a dish and you can make it with eggs. But for many of us, boiling eggs seems to be a hard task. But what if we make it easier for you with Glen’s Egg Boiler?  

Be it a fancy main course meal or an untimely hunger pang, eggs fit everywhere perfectly. Not just eggs are easy to handle but a nutrient-rich healthy meal one could ask for. It could be a perfect solution for hectic morning schedules. Isn’t it? Everybody likes to eat eggs in a particular way. While some go for a hard-boiled egg, some want an omellete. Though it is one of the most convenient ingredients, it is very hard for some people to boil the egg perfectly. 

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But you know what? We have a perfect solution for you. For the never-ending worry of boiling eggs, we have got a permanent solution for you. It’s the Glen’s Egg Boiler that provides the convenience of boiling 8 eggs and 4 poaching cups. It has the facility of auto shutting off and lets you know when the eggs are ready with the help of an indicator. It is equipped with an automatic off feature that cuts off the supply after the water is finished. The best part is its additional steaming rack for easy cleaning.  All you need to do is just add the appropriate quantity of water, pierce the eggs & place them for steaming. And your boiled eggs or I must say ‘the perfectly boiled eggs’ will be ready in no time. This Glen Egg Boiler is compact as well as pocket friendly.   

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Since we have made the egg boiling process easy for you, let us share some healthy breakfast options that you can make with boiled eggs. We have some interesting and tasty boiled egg breakfast ideas that are not just easy to make but are healthy too. Scroll down!       

We all love boiled eggs and omellete separately but what if we mix them together? All you have to do is make an omelette like you normally do and add pieces of boiled eggs on top. Believe me, those egg chunks will elevate the taste of your regular omelette to the next level.  

                                         Image: Glen's Egg Boiler

Indians just can’t do without chaat but have you ever tried a boiled egg chaat? Well, we have sorted it out for you. All you need is boiled eggs and the spices and veggies of your choice. Cut the boiled egg into pieces and add onions, tomatoes, spices, etc. to it. Add a dash of lemon juice and tadaaa, and your boiled egg chaat is ready. Click here to buy the egg boiler.  

If you think that making egg bhurji is not possible with boiled eggs, you are wrong. You just have to chop boiled eggs and sauté them with chopped onions, tomato, ginger, garlic, coriander, and a few Indian spices. You can either mash the boiled eggs or can keep the chopped pieces. It is easy to make and goes well with even chapatis.  

Well, this breakfast is going to make you feel all exotic. Besides, it is very easy to make. Just cut the boiled eggs in two halves and take out the yolk. Mix the yolk with mayonnaise and other spices like black pepper and mustard sauce. Then, fill in the yolk mixture with the eggs and serve. Easy, isn’t it?  

A little similar to boiled egg bhurji, egg fry is another dish you can make easily for breakfast. Just cut the eggs in two halves and cook them with the desi spices and veggies of your choice. You can serve it with chapati or paratha or even as a side dish. Don’t forget to make it at home.  

Could you ever thought that you can make so many dishes with just boiled eggs? Let us appreciate Glen’s Egg Boiler for making it easier for us! 

Healthy Breakfast With These Boiled Egg Recipes

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